Dr Guy Little is a psychologist based in Canberra, Australia who works with clients with a range of backgrounds, from those looking to take their work or sport performance to the next level to those seeking support for a range of needs.

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One-to-one, evidence-based counselling for day-to-day experiences through to therapy for longer-term or diagnosed mental illnesses.




Performance psychology for elite sports people, executives, and other professionals. Take your performance to the next level through a tailored psychological training program. 


 Bespoke seminars, workshops, and training events tailored to your organisation’s needs. A variety of topics from performance enhancement to strengthening therapeutic relationships. From lunch-time seminars to day-long CPD events.

Working for Change

There are many reasons people consider counselling. It may be a desire to perform consistently, think differently, move more, process past experiences, feel better, learn more about oneself, learn how to manage thoughts and feelings, or develop acceptance. Here are reasons some clients have given for seeking counselling: 

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Post traumatic stress

  • Grief and loss

  • Stress

  • Chronic/persistent pain

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Modifying health behaviour (e.g., exercise)

  • Fear and phobia

  • Relationship problems (friends, family, partners)

  • Sexual abuse

  • Trauma

  • Career transitions

  • Performance enhancement

  • Anger management

  • Addiction

  • Weight-management

  • Decision making



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Guy works with athletes, performing artists, doctors, executives, and other professionals and professionals-in-training to help them understand what gets in the way of their high performances, help review and reflect on past performances to make the next ones better, as well as implement skills and strategies to help them manage pressure and develop consistent performances. 

As a registered psychologist in Australia, and with experience as a sport and exercise psychologist in training (UK), Guy has worked with a range of athletes and performers from weekend warriors to elite professionals.


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Stimulate Thought and Action

For over 10 years Guy has developed and delivered workshops to groups and teams including elite and aspiring athletes, professional coaches, officials (referees), sport performance directors, and financial advisors. He has also trained health professionals from across the world in developing high-quality professional relationships to aid client-change.

Guy is passionate about engaging with an audience and delivering complex and evidence-based content in an accessible way. He always seek to bring up-to-date research and insights to workshops and seminars.

For each workshop he first understands your learning goals and then develops a bespoke workshop that hits the target. 

Explore some of Guy’s previous workshop topics below:


Client-Practitioner Relationships


Whether in the workplace or in sport, we are performers. Guy has delivered a variety of workshops, lectures, and seminars on fundamental aspects of performance psychology in both sport and work contexts. Such topics include:

  • Introduction to performance psychology

  • Focus and concentration

  • Goal-setting, management and review

  • Anxiety-management

  • Contingency planning

  • Injury rehabilitation and recovery

  • Performance routines and event management

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Team cohesion and development

  • Staying present under pressure

  • Developing resilient environments

  • Coach-athlete relationships

  • Understanding the performing brain (performing under pressure)

  • Mindfulness in sport performance and training

  • Parenting athletes or aspiring athletes

  • Developing self-awareness and reflection in performance contexts

Based on his PhD and associated research, Guy has delivered workshops, seminars, and lectures for psychologists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals on the neuroscience of relationships and the implications for improved client outcomes in a range of disciplines. 

Whether you are looking for some practical insights into improving connections with your clients or developing a deeper understanding of the power of therapeutic relationships in practice, Guy would like to work with you.